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Milling tropical hardwoods

Mango, Monkeypod and Koa


 Wood Slabs for sale

Mango and monkeypod are common hardwoods of Hawaii. We have lots of live-edge slabs and jointed slabs, quartersawn dimensions are available depending on inventory. 
Rough sawn lumber or sanded surfaces available.

wood slabs for sale

Lathe pieces and cookies

Currently Stocking hundreads of cutting board ready rough sawn or finished cutting board quality cookies of Acacia Koaia. The famous Koa woods cousin. 
Also available are lathe ready pieces of all sizes and qualitys. Burls, knobs, straight grain, large and small we have it all.
Acacia Koa, Acacia Koaia, mango and monkeypod.

wood slabs for sale 2
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